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Summer School
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: 2006

I was getting used to life at my new school. I transferred in during the last month of the year. I had quite a bit to do in order to get the A’s I sought. My grades transferred over but it was about time for finals and there was a lot of material I did not learn at my old school. I studied everyday till finals and just as I expected my final grades gleamed with bright marks. That last day of school I drove home and took a nice long and deserved nap.

I dozed off quickly but was soon awoken by a strange feeling. I opened my eyes to see Ms. Johnson, Ms. Violet, and Jessica hovering over me, smiling.

“Good morning, David,” one of them said. I blinked to make the vision go away but it didn’t but it did change. I saw the butts that were all too familiar in front of my face.

“Ready girls? 3…2…1…!” I screamed in fear and rose from my bed. It was a dream. Thank god it was a dream. I decided it would be best for me to go out for a walk to clear my head.

It was getting close to dark so I grabbed my jacket and headed out into the cool evening. I expected dreams like this wouldn’t go away for quite some time. I didn’t see them while school was in because I was too busy but now that it was free time these dreams would probably be reoccurring more frequently. I thought about seeking a physiologist but telling someone about all that had occurred would be too embarrassing for me to handle I would bet. I didn’t even want to think about it. I walked on. 5 blocks from my house I decided to turn around. 3 blocks from my house I noticed a car coming and then I watched it pass. I decided to quicken my pace, it was getting dark any ways. 2 blocks from my house I noticed another car I slowed to see if it would pass as well but it slowed too. I don’t know what it was but something in me told me to run and run I did. 1 block from my house I was getting tired, yes I am out of shape, but I kept running. The car suddenly quickened and pulled in front of me. It took my mind a second to recover from the move and when I finally tried to run around the car it was too late. A dark figure emerged from the backseat of the car and tackled me. I hit the ground in the middle of that abandoned street. The figure held me down and placed a napkin in front of my mouth and nose. Chloroform was the last thing that ran through my mind as I drifted off to sleep.

Who knows how much time had passed when I finally woke up but whenever it was, I was still very much out of it. I tried to wipe my eyes but I soon realized I was bound to the floor with metal restraints. I started to panic when I realized my legs were bound too and my waist. I tried to sit up but the only position I could was too uncomfortable. I let my head slowly hit the hard cement floor. My eyes finally focused and I could see I was in a dimly lit room resembling a medieval torture chamber. I only had to think for one second about how was doing this to me. My old teachers. I had no doubt about it. They said they were planning on getting me again. I wondered if Jessica was in on this plot or not.

The door behind me opened. I tried to look behind me but I couldn’t twist that far around.

“Hello Mr. Bingum.” Oh no, I thought to myself. It was Ms. Johnson; she was the only one to call him Mr. Bingum.

“It has been a long time; at least a year now hasn’t it?” I didn’t answer and she didn’t seem to care.

“Oh come now David, you can’t say you didn’t see this coming. There was bound to be a sequel.” Somehow the writer found that funny but I can’t say that I do, not in this position at least.

“Well, should we just get started then?” She asked. I remained silent.

“Good, I think so too. I got plenty of gas for you to sniff up; you do want that A don’t you?” She chuckled at this as she approached were I was bound to the floor. She came into view and I saw she was wearing only thong underwear and a bra top. In her hand she held a roll of duct tape which she quickly ripped off a piece and put it on my mouth. She turned around and my eyes went wide as she lowered her perfect bottom down to my face. My mind told me to try to run, to try to escape but my body knew better. It was no hope and there was no escape. Ms. Johnson and whoever else she was working with had me, they had me right were they wanted me. And the timing could not have been better, it was summer and I had no where to be, no responsibilities’ to take care of. At that moment I had never felt so vulnerable and scared in my life. She lowered herself onto my face and sat heavily, pressing my head into the hard cement floor. Within seconds I caught scent of her horrible backside. Oh my was it rank but I knew better than I had know that year ago, this was not the worst of it.

Chills ran down my back as she ‘lovingly’ began running her fingers through my hair, just as she had that year ago. After a little while of this she stopped and seemed to tense up. Suddenly she relaxed a large fart escaped her and ran straight into my breathing nose. PRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPP! The smell was awful as I struggled to breathe the noxious odor and try to survive this attack.

“Oh my, that was a good one, now be sure to sniff it all up for me,” Ms. Johnson said, motherly. She laughed and farted once again. After a few seconds she raised herself off my face, allowing me to breathe. I breathed deeply the fresh air like there was no tomorrow then, without warning, Ms. Johnson let loose a mighty fart and immediately sat back down on my face.

“You know, I was thinking and it seems to me my farts are the only thing you need. None of this air nonsense. Wouldn’t you agree?” I tried to speak out and plead her to stop this but I could only muster up the strength to moan.

“See, I knew you’d agree.” She laughed. “Well I better give you some air then, wouldn’t want you to suffocate down there.” She farted another might blow right on my face and I could do nothing but helplessly suck up all of her gas. I was sniffing her horrid farts and ass for at least 30 seconds when I began to feel faint and ready to pass out. I was more than welcome to that possibility for at last I would be able to rest, if only for a little while before suffering what was sure to feel, if not be, never ending torment and torture. It was no such luck. After a minute or so, Ms. Johnson finally got up for a few seconds, squatting over my face. “You didn’t think I’d let your time with me end that quickly did you?” She laughed, farted, and sat back down again. I don’t know how long she tortured me under here ass. It could have been mere hours or even as long as days. All I know is I fell unconscious sometime later.

I had awaked in the same place, in the same position. I had hoped this had all been a horrible dream like I had the day of my capture. I had no idea what time it was or even what day it was. I heard the door open behind me and I had expected Ms. Johnson again but to my displeasure, a figure quickly approached donning a medium length skirt and an open shirt with only a bra underneath.

“Well good morning Davy!” It took me a second to finally realize it was Jessica from the project in Ms. Violet’s class. The tape was still over my mouth so I didn’t say anything, but even if it wasn’t I probably still would have stayed quiet.

“Oh? Don’t wanna talk to me? That’s ok, I wanna get started any ways. I got this new move I wanna try out and………*PFFFFFFTTTT* boy am I gassy today. You’re in for a real treat.” She laughed evilly. She lay down on my body placing her head near my thighs. She then split her legs and lifted my head, placing it between them like a scissor and I was the paper. Her skirt draped over my head.

“Ahhhh, yes…this is it and…ugh…not a moment too soon.” She lifted the skirt slightly and farted a big one. BBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAATTTTT!

“Whew! Oh my, what a stinky one. Breathe it in Davy! Breathe…it…in!” Unfortunately I had no choice in the matter. I smelled the horrific fart for what seemed like hours and still the smell never dissipated.

“MMMmmmm…how was that one David?” I moaned loudly.

“That bad huh? You know, I think your not trying your hardest. You better start breathing harder or I will make this worse for you. I wanna feel you breathing hard against my underwear.” I ignored the request.

“Hey! What the fuck! I told you to do something.” She punched me hard in the balls. I screamed out in pain and tears ran from my eyes.

“NOW DO IT YOU SON OF A BITCH!” I reluctantly did as Jessica has asked. I slightly raised my head to sit flush against her panty and I breathed in as deep as I could.

“Ah….now that’s much better. You’re a good slave!” She petted my head like a dog.

“Now, don’t move now.” I did as I was told, breathing deeply the panties that were stained with the stink of many farts. After a little while of this she farted another large fart. I continued my breathing as I caught whiff of the powerful stench.

“Woo…that must be 10 times worse than the last one. Smell that one David. Smell it!” I kept doing as I was told and a few minutes and farts later I heard a huge rumble.

“Oh my! This must be a big one. I wanna sit on your face for this one.” I watched as Jessica quickly got up and quickly sat on my face with all her weight.

“Don’t forget to breathe in deep now!” I complied and she seemed satisfied because within seconds she released a huge fart that must have lasted at least 15 seconds. PPPBBBBRRRBBBPPPPPPPPPBBBRRRRRAAAAAPPPPPPPPPP!

“Oooohhh ya…Smell it David, smell it all!” A few seconds later she must have realized I was already unconscious. I can only imagine what her witty one liner was.

I woke up again, even more disoriented than the last time. I could only imagine what was next for me and just as I thought it, the door opened and in walked another dark figure. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize it was Ms. Violet, here to torture me as well just as she and Ms. Johnson had planned. She came in quickly wearing short tight shorts and quickly sat on my face. Before long she, without hesitation, farted a barrage of farts in my face and up my sniffing nose. BRRRAPPP! PPPPPTTTTT! BBBBBBBRRRRRRAAAAP!! It took me only seconds to be in pure hell. I fought against the restraints to get free. I could not take this a second longer! I screamed out but Ms. Violet responded with a swift punch to my stomach, knocking the wind out of me and farted a sizable blow into my face. BRRRAAAAAAAPPPP! I was already dying under Ms. Johnson when she began to fart numerous times, relentlessly. BLLLLLLAATTT! POOOOFFFF! BRRRRAAAP! PFFFFTTTTT! FRRRRTTT! I screamed out and fought for freedom but it was no use. Things were going dark when she grunted a bit, shifted her sizable buttocks, and realized a small fart. I was out once again.

I woke up in total darkness. I felt that my wrists were no longer bounded, nor were my ankles. I reached out only to be stopped. I reached another way and I was halted again. Oh no I thought…it couldn’t be…it just couldn’t be. Before I could figure out if it could be or not, three holes opened above me and then darkness came back as I watched three fine asses descend onto the holes. I screamed in horror, my mouth was no longer taped either. I screamed with all my might and the only reply I got was a relentless barrage of farts above. I could not take it in here, I had to get out. I beat at the walls of the desk with all my strength but it was too thick. Grunts and then farts continued to erupt from above followed occasionally by laughter and inaudible talk. It didn’t take long for me to be unconscious once again.

To my dismay I woke up again. It was at this point I just wished these girls would kill me. It was not worth going through life like this day after day and being haunted by these nightmares. I opened my eyes to find I was looking at a blue ceiling, but not just any blue ceiling but my blue ceiling. What, I thought to myself? Did they let me go? Was it all a dream? I got up and felt everything in the room. It was all real! I danced a bit and walked out to the living room. I was so happy I didn’t notice something that had changed. I went to the kitchen and finally looked up and into the living room to see Ms. Johnson, Ms. Violet, and Jessica sitting there on my couch, smiling.

“Oh my god no…no please! Please god no!” I hoped I was still dreaming but it wasn’t a dream. I watched the three ladies grab me and I screamed out in terror as they pushed me to the floor. It was then I knew I had become David Bingum, Life Long Fart Slave.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.