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Terminal Bus
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: May 11th, 2012

The Goddess is one of the last people loaded onto the terminal bus but she took the lone open bench at the front.

A toilet over her shoulder rudely yells to the driver his insignificant concerns, the driver ignores him but that doesn't stop him from continuously trying to get his attention. His chin sat close to the bar on the Goddess' bench; she quick rose to her feet and quashed the man under her booty, ensure his chin makes hard contact with the metal bar before getting his head sucked into her ass with a disgusting slurp; the hot plane had made the Goddess' crack more sweaty than usual and she hadn't unloaded in days.

She leans forward just a little to let out a bassy fart which hovers near the toilet's face that is corking her anus; the pathetic, weak toilet bangs on the Goddess' massive ass but to no success in freeing himself from her ghastly ass prison. He screams now as the Goddess injects a massively girthy log past his cheeks as the toilet chokes on the massive load he'd been fed.

The Goddess laughs and grunts as she pushes harder and harder the built up waste she'd been so dying to unload.

Filled to the brim, the toilet, under the force of literally pounds of crap, begins to exit the Goddess' ass and eventually falls lifelessly to the ground; a useless pile of waste but that's what he always was, now his outsides just reflected it.

"Who's next?!" The Goddess announces with sadistic excitement, unable to turn off the urge now.

Everyone was still, except one man sneezed inadvertently. The Goddess smiled wide and charged towards him; grabbing him by the neck.

She reeled back impossibly and sneezed over the man's face, covering him in a thick slime that entered his forced open mouth. He gagged on the taste of her snot.

The Goddess rushed next to the row and unleashed a torrent of slushy diarrhea over the two toilet's that shared that bench; the snot covered man convulsed violently while the other man pleaded on his knees to stop this.

The Goddess approached him; grabbed him by a clean part of his hair and shoved his face up her butt.

A gassy blast rushed past him before a large series of logs plunged aggressively at his face; burning his eyes with their drippy, solid waste. He dropped to the floor in defeat; renouncing everything he knew for no God could allow this.

Seeing the terminal approaching, the Goddess raced to the front of the bus; she bent over completely, showing the entire bus her asshole. But with a sudden, flash of brown the entire bus was coated by an explosive spray of soupy shit that covered every passenger on that bus in thick, putrid waste from the Goddess' magnificent ass.

The bus finally stops; the driver, totally flabbergasted, looks at the departing Goddess.

Sincerely, he begins to say "Thank you," but is interrupted by a powerful blast of rude flatulence that is followed with a flood of liquid shit that pushes him up against his window with great force as the Goddess snickers to herself. His body falls forward onto the ground.

She sighs in great relief, "Oops, excuse me," she says with mocking concern as she leaves the bus. She looks back at the sea of brown with several white eyes stare blankly at her; she starts to laugh.

She grabs a passing air traffic controller and pushes him to his knees before sitting on his face and blasting his mouth with a swirl of shit-flavored wash that he, with great panic, gargled down. He choked and sputtered on the ground as the Goddess walked, contently away.

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