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The Benevolent Prostitute
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: 2006

“Fine then you son of a bitch! You go sleep in a hotel or something.” I felt my pillow hit me in the face. Damn! Karen was pissed but I did have to expect it when I realized I left the office smelling of woman’s perfume. My secretary was all over me and I am sticking to my story. She came onto me, I just….didn’t resist. My wife would have believed me in at an earlier point in time but this had to be the what…10th time this happened? Ya, I guess I am not a very good husband, but I just can’t fight the urge to be with other women. I never really wanted to get married any ways but that is another story, for another time. I checked into the local Holiday Inn for the night, Karen would forgive me tomorrow. I just knew it.

I settled into my room but I soon began to feel quite lonely for sex. Any man in their right mind would fight the urge to save their marriage but I was not any man. I decided the best thing to do was call a prostitute. I reached into my wallet pulling out numerous crumpled papers and business cards until I had found the number I needed.

Soon there is a knock at the door. I open it to find a wonderfully, gorgeous beauty standing in my doorway. I was caught off guard, most prostitutes I had been with had not been all that attractive. She wore an extremely short shirt and very high-up shorts. I was instantly turned on and the beauty at the door noticed and smiled a bit. “Hi, I’m Jackie and you are…?”

“Mark. Hi,” I managed to squeak out, still awestruck by her sheer beauty.

“Hey, Mark. Uh…are you gonna invite me in?”

I shook myself out of a stupor, “Huh…what? Oh yes, of course…please come in, come in.”


I watched Jackie set her purse down and then immediately get undressed down to her undergarments. I did the same and soon we were lying in bed together. “So what, Mark? You single?” Jackie asked.

“Actually, I’m married,” I said, slightly amused. She laughed, but it was not a regular laugh. Almost like a nervous laugh. She got off the bed and went to her purse. While she was digging through it she asked, “Hey, you wanna do this kinda….kinky?”

“…sure,” I said, not understanding what she meant at all. It sounded fun, that was all that mattered. Jackie tied my arms and legs to the bed posts. I was almost completely unable to move and I feared this. I had no idea what Jackie was going to me but in this position it could be anything. “Welcome to female appreciation training, slave!” She shouted, her tone became harsh and dominating.

“What!?” I yelled.

“You heard me, you son of a bitch. How dare you cheat on your wife! Prepare to submit to my will or you shall suffer worse than what you are gonna get from me!”

“I ain’t submitting to shit!” That was stupid I thought to myself, get my captor angry.

“Oh my you talk too much.” She went back to her purse and pulled out a roll of duct tape. She placed a piece over my mouth and said, “Now there, we are ready.”

“Eaady or at?” I mumbled.

“Why for this.” I watched Jackie closed her eyes, in concentration, leaned forward and let out a monstrous fart, BPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTT! She let out and exhausting sigh of sweet relief. “Oooohhh man that felt good. What do you think Marky?” Seconds later the smell wafted toward me and I got a sniff of the horrid stench. It was rank and I was forced to take it all in. I screamed in horror but the cries were muffled. “I’ll take that as a sign that you like them then. And now you get it right on your little face.”

“Noooooooooooo!” I screamed out or at least tried to. My eyes showed my absolute fear. I struggled to get loose of the ropes which bound me but it was useless. Jackie stepped onto the bed and planted her ass, comfortably for her at least, on my face. In this position, I could only think of how debasing and humiliating this was to have this lovely, near naked, woman sitting on my face while I was bound to a bed. I soon caught scent of the horrid odors of Jackie’s ass and I soon became short of oxygen. My breathing increased heavily but the heavier I breathed, the worse the smell was. I thrashed again and again to try to free myself from this torture and Jackie obviously knew I needed oxygen soon but instead of getting up she leaned forward and farted a rather sizable blast, PFFFFFT! “That’ll teach you to move around. You breathe when I let you breathe!” The smell was horrid and I had no choice but to take in every rank bit of it. I was just about to pass out when but Jackie showed no signs of getting up. Just before everything became dark, Jackie raised a leg and let me have a few gasps of air. A few seconds later, BPPPPPPPTTT! She farted again and put her leg back down, sitting down on my face with full weight. A short time later she said, “Oh my god, I gotta fart really bad.” Jackie shifted herself and struggled but eventually farted, POOOOSSSH! “Oh my, that felt sooo good and it smells fantastic! Don’t you think so Mark?” She laughed out loud at my pain as I struggled to force myself to breathe in the ‘fantastic’ gas. “Oooo, I got another one,” Jackie said. She pushed hard on my stomach, forcing me to expel all my air and she let go right as she farted. I had no air, only the horrid smell of these farts. “Ackie, pllze. I egg o ou…please, I lov my wif. Don far n me ne or.”

“Huh?” Jackie asked, farting once again. It was an SBD. I screamed again but the tape silenced me. Jackie began farting again and again, relentlessly. I was in hell but Jackie seemed like she was having the most pleasure a person could have. She farted once again, PSSSSFFTT! The smell was rank and she knew I would be out soon, if I didn’t get air. “Well, Mark, I gotta go soon but it’s been fun. So what are you gonna do tomorrow?” She ripped off the tape, painfully.

“Have your ass arrested!”

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Wrong answer.” She said, and farted once more. I groaned loudly, I could not take much more of this…I need to tell her what she wanted to hear. “What’s the right answer, slave?!” She demanded.

“Go home to my loving kids and wife?”

“That’s right but for now you sleep!” She leaned forward on my face and let out an extremely long fart that must have lasted at least 8 seconds. The smell was worse than anything else; it was not even of this world I was sure. I was out of air and 10 seconds later I fell unconscious.

I awoke to the sun outside but I soon realized I was still tied to the bed. I was still panicking when the cleaning lady came in. She untied me as she laughed. She said I was like the 12 th person she had to untie, today. I was a little pissed but I just grabbed my wallet, which was missing all my money, my pants, my shirt and went home.

I apologized to Karen many times. She was extra sympathetic to him because I smelled awful she thought he had spent the night in the dumpster or something. That was good, so there was no reason to mention the gassy horror of the night before.

Years went by and Karen and I became closer than ever and our marriage was great. I soon realized however that one thing was missing. I finally worked up enough courage to ask her one day, “Honey, do you think you could….”

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.