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The Online Meetup
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: September 3, 2023

In my yellow Hawaiian shirt that I got from Goodwill, I stand with a bouquet of sad flowers that are fast wilting in the scorching summer sun. My other arm is raised, somewhat afraid to knock on the door in front of me and finally see if this person I’d talked to solely online was truly real or some catfish. Or maybe I was about to get mugged by some dude.

I shake off the feeling and finally knock on the door and then wait, nervously. After just a second or so, I hear the deadbolt unlock and the familiar sound of a door pulling from its frame. My eyes fall on her for the first time, Katie. She’s almost just as I’d imagined her; cute with colored hair in shades of blue that made her coif look almost like an ocean wave. Her guinea pig t-shirt fit on her tightly in just the right way to accentuate her prominent breasts.

“Well aren’t you cute,” she’s quick to say with a tone that seems patronizing but I chalk it up to me being over sensitive. I mean, it’s of course a lot harder to understand people in person than over text so maybe that’s it.

Then again, what do I say to that…”Uh, yep, that’s me…uhh…you’re cute too, Katie.”

She giggles, “Thanks, cutie. Come in, why don’t you get comfortable on the couch and we can watch something.”

“Oh, okay. Sure.” I reply, stepping into her home. I follow behind Katie where I can’t stop my eyes from falling upon her big booty tightly formed into a pair of spandex pants that formed around her butt cheeks. I could feel myself practically licking my lips. Katie turns suddenly and so quickly that I jump, startled out of my lustful thoughts. I think she saw my expression because she smirks to herself knowingly.

“Are you a horny boy?” She asks pointedly, her eyes softly piercing through me like a succubus.

I gulp, my body shakes a bit, “I…um…”

Katie scoffs playfully but impatiently, “You’re such a nerd,” she chuckles. “It’s okay, horny boy,” she grabs my crotch area forcefully. “I’m horny too. Make out with me on the couch,” she growls dominantly. I whimper softly but incredibly turned on as she practically throws me on the nearby couch, my body begins to sink into the soft cushions.

My cock is throbbing as she starts to get on top of me. Her face comes close to mine and I close my eyes as our lips make contact with a sweet, passionate pecking. I softly moan as our clothed bodies softly mash and grind together with a mutual fervor. Katie softly moaned as well, breathlessly, the more excited she became.

And with her excitement suddenly came an aggression as she grabbed my face and growled, she leans in close to me, pushing my face to the side to whisper in my ear through gritted teeth, “You wanna kiss my boobs?”

I nod softly but enthusiastically as Katie already has her shirt off, “Good, because it wasn’t really a question.” I start to kiss her neck and sensually work my way down to her boobs but soon Katie just shifts her big boobs into alignment with my face and drops her breasts on either side of my head, My face is mashed against her chest which makes it harder to breathe but I do my best to start kissing the area.

Katie seems to enjoy the kissing, she softly moans and massages her boobs over my face back and forth on each breast. As I continued though, it was getting harder and harder to get oxygen and I was starting to panic. My breathing has become short and labored, my whimpering now fearful rather than playful. “K…” I manage to gurgle out the sound but not much more.

I hear Katie laughing, was she enjoying this?! It feels like darkness is almost upon me as my head feels light. Suddenly, light, in both a metaphorical and real sense as Katie lifts her boobs off my face and I greedily heave for breath. I sucked up oxygen like there was no tomorrow.

Katie laughs with a sense of superiority, “Oh did you need to breathe? Usually other guys can hold their breath longer than that so…” she trails off, leaving me to feel like shit about not measuring up to her expectations. Though I could only really focus on breathing at this point. “Time’s up!” She announced before smothering me again between her breasts, “I don’t feel you kissing,” she says after less than three seconds as I tried to get over the shock of having my oxygen taken away by her boobs. Again!

“Ple….Kai…” my muffled words jumble and are lost under mounds of flesh plastered over my lips.

“I can’t hear you!” she relays sing-songedly as she grinds her boobs, almost deliberately now, over my face like I was some tool just for her to use.

I try to push my body down further into the couch. I had to try anything to put more distance between my face and her breast crevice, I was going to die here otherwise!

Katie is breathing heavier and heavier now, softly moaning with almost every move. She suddenly grabs me by the hair and yanks me up while lifting herself off me at the same time.

“Time to use that tongue of yours, cutie.” She says with a cuteness that remains very bossy, it’s clear I didn’t have a choice to say no or even the option of taking a break to breathe. It’s clear this time was all about her. Something about that was very appealing, if not terrifying.

I stare fearfully, blankly, almost paralyzed and still breathing hard. I couldn’t think of any other words that I knew except “Yu…yes Katie.”

“Oh,” she says disappointed, almost angry, “Call me Goddess.”

“Yes Godd…Goddess,” I repeated with the change which made her smirk widely, I could see the enjoyment she got from hearing the words.

“That’s right, now come with me,” she pulls me off the couch with my hair still firmly in her grasp. I crawl along with her on all fours to avoid her yanking on me too hard.

We enter her bedroom and she leads me in front of her a bit, “Get naked.” I quickly do as she orders and get completely naked, kneeling before her though I don’t know why…and yet we both seemed to already know it was the right place for me.

She looks at my cock and smirks, hard to tell if she was impressed or not but I was fully hard so I couldn’t be much bigger. “Now lay down, right there,” Goddess points out a spot on the floor in front of the TV. I gleefully lie down there with a small smile on my face, in expectation.

I watch Goddess strip off her yoga pants and kick them over to land on my face carelessly. I can feel the sweat lingering in the seat of her pants as they sit on my face. I hear her laugh softly as her steps come closer. She pushes the pants off my face with her foot and I kiss it just before she takes it away.

“Oh…you like this?” Goddess says, somewhat surprised. She steps over my head, now with a foot on either side as she towers over me.

“Yes Goddess,” I reply submissively.

“Well good, then you’re going to love making me cum, right?” Goddess says as I watch her descend her pussy towards me.

My eyes go wide, not thinking about having her on top of me, “I…I…” I begin to stammer but it’s too late as Goddess already has my head buried.

She uses her hand forcefully to find my mouth and guide my tongue to her vagina. “Come on! Don’t make me have to start over!” She scowls.

I eagerly, fearfully seek out her pussy with my tongue, finally making contact with it and lapping away with the desperation of a suffocating man. My moans are panicked and petrified, afraid each heaving breath through a wet vagina was going to be my last.

Goddess shudders and twitches softly under the caress of my tongue on the insides of her body. Her moaning is sharp and shallow with her breathing, her body shaking as she grinds her pussy like a massage chair on my face. “I’m gonna cum.”

I felt so much moisture that I would have sworn she already came. She spasms orgasmically as her moaning stops entirely, silenced completely. She groans pleasurably as she tightens her thighs around my face with total disregard for my pain as I howl out agonizingly. “Godd….ple….” I try to beg on her deaf ears which continue to squash my head and treat my face like a used condom for her fluids of pleasure. Her moans drown out my suffering and she bangs my head reading my face against the thankfully carpeted floor.

“Fuck yes, that was amazing. Did you enjoy that too? From your cock, it looks like it,” she chuckles.

She was right. My cock was throbbing but I couldn’t say that I was actually enjoying this.

“You’re almost done, and maybe then you can cum. You just have to lick my ass now.” Goddess says matter of factly.

My breath is labored and my voice weak, “Please no…” I whimper out, practically crying.

“Awww…what’s the matter?” She asks condescendingly, “Too good to eat my ass?”

“Wha…no…I didn’t…” I stammer, trying to explain myself.

“Good. Then you can prove it.” Goddess says, plopping her butt over my face without another word. “Go on,” she orders.

My exhausted tongue wants to stop but how else can I get out from under her other than to please Goddess. I lap at her asshole once, a salty sweaty taste fills my taste buds. I continue licking, following her moans of pleasure. Her butthole purses in and out softly from excitement presumably.

For a moment, I forgot about the pain and the smothering as I enjoyed just lapping at her butt. Soon though I could feel my breathing becoming short again, I started heaving a bit audibly.

“Oh yeah, you need to breathe, right.”

I nod big, playfully, maybe we were falling into a groove with this sex play.

She giggles, “Okay…” I feel her anus purse out against my tongue and BRRRRRUUUUUPPPPPPPPP!

Her fart explodes a big gust of putrid air into my face. The smell is so strong and noxious, my face tries cringing away but there’s nowhere for my head to go between her two cheeks. My body starts to seize and shake as it tries to involuntarily find any way to get out that it can. But seemingly there is no escape from under her, smothered by her butt.

“Wasn’t that great? Smell it and tell me how good it is!” Goddess demands

I gag and choke on her still lingering fart as she grinds her butt over my face, ensuring I get all of her fart smell into me.

Finally, mercifully, she lifts up slightly off my face. “Well?”

I heave and whimper weakly, like a dying bug underneath her. “It’s very good Goddess,” I say through a raspy, tortured voice.

“Good. I’m sure you won’t mind some more then,” she says rapidly. Before I could protest, her ass is smacking down hard over my face again. Goddess starts to rub my throbbing cock in just the right way, bringing me close to the edge.

“I think you’re going to be a very good boyfriend. So obedient. So passive…” Goddess grunts a bit…PRRRRUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPP!

Her gas fills my nostrils as I feel my body convulse, my breathless moans sounding like a fish dying on land. But she rubbed faster and harder. Her potent smell over takes me as I feel my cock explode with her touch and a faceful of her gas surrounding me.

After a few blissful seconds of post-orgasm euphoria, Goddess finally removes her ass from my face, our skin practically sticking after the long forceful sitting. She looks down at me as I smile up at her slightly, her cum still drenching my face and now smelling like her asshole. “Well cutie, a few more times like that and you’ll only be able to cum to my farts. I think I’ll tie your face to my ass in bed tonight.

My smile slowly falls away as her smile grows to eventually a laugh. I start to sit up but she pushes me back down with her foot, “Did I say you were finished?”

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.