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Toilet Boy
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: February 23th, 2012

It's in the middle of the night, from my bed that I am grabbed from my home. I can scarcely make out the figures in the pitch dark night as I am gagged over my whimpering mouth. A bag is put over my head, redundantly, as if you blind me from the darkness; my body smacks against soft metal and the engine starts.

Miles later, I am dragged from the car; through a door and down a dimly lit hallway, the beams piece the small holes in the cloth bag. Through a door, into a dark room; a rough, sharp chain goes against my neck, digging into my flesh, as I try to run but the dark figure holds me tight. My hands are shackled, my ankles too. I figured a gag was next but it never came; the figure, without another word leaves in a sliver of light.

The light flicks on, it blinds me for a moment before I gaze around the room; a lavish bathroom, well maintained, very clean, very swanky-looking. What is this place?

I watch a woman enter my view, she wears a tight business skirt which she pulls down with her panties to reveal her ample buttocks that nearly pour out from her attire.

She approaches me and quickly turns around; she shoves her butt in my face and I am greeted with a hell of smells; she rubs her brown crusty ass against my face as if using it like a wipe.

She leans forward a bit, her ass sits inches away from my face as she parts her cheeks.


A gusty fart bellows against my face and fills me with its toxic odor; I hear the woman sigh enthusiastically

The horrible fart fills me up and I begin to scream; my face is quickly engulfed by this woman's ass.

"Lick it clean," she demands in a sultry, alluring voice.

I don't want to do that so I try to ignore her but she reels back her foot and fires it into my gut.

I, hesitantly, lick the dirty walls of her ass and immediately am repulsed by the horrid, shitty taste of her un-wiped fecal remnants.

She giggles as I try again and shudder violently when my tongue contacts against the shit that cakes her ass.

Aggressively, she pushes me further, harder against the tile wall. The woman squeals femininely as a small stream of warm, mushy crap flows freely into my face; I try to keep it from my mouth but it quickly pushes its way through; my nose too as it sends the burning waste though my head and down my throat. I gag and try to vomit but more shit sprays aggressively through me; I hear the woman scoff cruelly as the heavy drops of shit fall from my face and onto my lap.

"Better start cleaning little toilet," she says tauntingly, an evil smile wide across her face.

Again, I lick at her, now, fresh shit and choke; I try again.


She laughs raucously as the terrible gas blasts through my head; I feel dizzy, nauseous. I puke; some must have hit the woman because I watch, in horror, as her leg goes back and her foot comes straight to my privates.

I yelp in pain as she grinds her heel against my soft balls; her teeth are clenched, she's angry.

She bends over, touching her toes; she smiles.


A gassy, forceful blast of diarrhea sprays at the back of my throat harshly; the mess gurgles in my mouth, the taste like rejected vomit and an awful shit bisque.

Dripping it her waste, the woman separated her cheeks. PRRRRRRRRPPPPPPBBBBBB! An airy fart bakes the shit that covers my face.

She sighs but she remains, holding her asshole open; she still wanted me to clean her.

It is easier now, as I scrape my tongue along her crap-coated ass; the taste is still ungodly but it's tolerable, to get her out of her.

After a few, dutiful minutes, the woman checks her watch and pulls up her pants; she turns off the light as she leaves and I watch the light sliver get smaller and smaller until disappearing again into the darkness.

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