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Toilet Education
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: May 27th, 2012

The Goddess strutted in with the utmost of confidence, a sly smile was tucked in the corners of her mouth as she prepared for a very satisfying day.

"Good morning class, this, as you know, is Sexual Education class. This is a fairly easy class if you know how to listen and follow directions."

The class looked at her lacklusterly and without appreciation, some nodded off sleepily; time to change that, time to inspire some learning.

"I don't want to waste time and I know you don't either so let's just start with the most important topic, the one that matters to all of you in here. Anyone know?"

A few hands went up.

"Yes, you in the back,"

"About sex?"

The class laughed, and a condescending smile formed on the Goddess' face.

"Not quiet; okay, let me ask you then, what is most important about sexual education?"

The class looked on at the Goddess blankly.

"Okay, you're all pretty pathetic but that's the point right?! The most important part, you little shit eaters, is properly serving a young Goddess."

A few snickers were heard in the class, no one seemed to take the idea seriously.

"I can see none of you know what to do when it comes to a Goddess so I'll show you."

She walked slowly to the first row of seats, about twenty kids filled the small lecture hall; her booty rumbled loudly, eager to show these idiots who they were dealing with.

She shadows and looks down at a puny little toilet in the first seat in the first row, "Well toilet, do you know what to do now?"

The boy looked scared and perplexed, then shook his head no.

"That's right, because you're pathetic but I'll show you since I am to be your teacher this semester."

Without hesitation, she jammed her mighty stiletto heeled boot right into the student's balls and he doubled over in pain, finally falling to the ground.

He yelped and whimpered in pain as the Goddess' boot came down more and more on his tiny balls.

Out of the corner of her eye, the Goddess watched two students attempt to leave but she'd already thought of that.

"Get back to your seats! Now!" The Goddess yells.

"The door won't open," they two kids finally say, panicked and unable, pileup to assess the situation any longer. This filled the Goddess with glee.

"I know sweetie, it's locked; just relax, sit down and I'll be there soon, okay?" The Goddess said luringly. The kids looked around, confused as the boy's balls under her foot were being crushed yet she exhibited a tone of kindness and friendship.

Their confusion was cut off by a long, loud, disgusting sounding fart; the Goddess was squatting over the toilet's face, her boot still very much pulverizing his ball sac.

"That's good, right toilet?"

He aggressively shook his head no as he tried not to breathe.

"Don't worry, I can hold it too." The Goddess smiles, looking at another student; and farts again.

The poor student can no longer hold his breath as he exhaustedly inhales deeply straight into a deep baritone blast of thick Goddess gas. She laughed as he wheezed and took in her horrendous flatulence.

She stands without any words, the toilet clutches his balls and face trying to nurse them both from their terrible torture.

"Any volunteers? I'll get through you all before class ends so don't worry about that."

The students didn't speak up, they barely moved.

"Oh, I hate picking, you guys but okay!" She pointed randomly to a student near the middle and signaled him to come up.

The student, with his head down, walked cautiously to the front of the room.

"So, toilet; why don't you get under my desk okay? I want to unload but I don't want everyone to see, that's icky," she said with a smile to him.

"More farts?" he asked.

"Something like that," she said. Then, without warning, she quickly kicked him right in the nuts and he fell to the floor. "Don't ever ask a Goddess anything; you will take whatever she gives no matter what words she uses, you understand?!"

The toilet weakly, pathetically nodded and proceeded to crawl to and under the teacher's desk.

"That's a good toilet," the Goddess walked over to it and shoved her big booty underneath.

Then, a quick scream let out then silence as liquid seemingly splished and sploshed grossly, smackingly under the desk. A powerful stream beating against the cold metal sides which poked out as if being hit with great force. The Goddess moaned and groaned throughout, a distinct brown liquid began to leak from under and around the desk.

When the Goddess finally stood, a falling smack was heart; presumably an unconscious (or dead) toilet falling to the ground having been propped up by powerful geysers of sludge.

"Mmmmmm, I feel a lot better class but I think I'm just a little stuffed up with the big stuff; can I get a volunteer this time? It takes a lot of guts but it's well worth it, really pleases the Goddess," she says, trying to comically sell them on the idea.

One extra stupid toilet in the first row rose his hand but the Goddess would appreciate him for it and make sure he got fully, what he'd asked for.

"Oh, very nice sweetie; that's kind of you to volunteer, please get down on your knees,"

"Right here?" He asked.

What an idiot, "Yes hun, right there at your seat is fine," the Goddess replied just slightly irritated as she approached him, soon towered over him. She could see he immediately regretted his decision as he wrinkled his nose and wanted to run with his eyes, it was clear as day; how delicious.

"So you ready, sweetie?"

The toilet hesitantly nodded. Brave boy, he wouldn't even make it past her turning around before he'd want this to be over.

She turned and separated her booty just inches away from the toilet's head. The freed, musky fart gust wafted towards the boy who's eyes watered and he gagged on the smell.

"Everything okay, hun?" The Goddess asked, peering over her shoulder which hid her wide smile from the boy.

"Actually I...," he struggled to say but the Goddess soon sat her anus on the boy's face.

"That's good," she giggled.

Less than an inch existed between the Goddess' putrid hole and the boy's face; she adjusted slight so his mouth was in axis with her butthole.

"Now open wide sweetie!" The Goddess said forcefully as she pushed.

A giant log made its way sluggishly to the Goddess' booty and crowned it's five inch diameter right on the boy's protruding lips. He taste it just a little and his eyes started to water, he cried but as the log snaked it's way from her butt to his mouth his eyes went wide with pain as the spear like log shot through his throat like a cannonball with more pouring in.

"Take it, little toilet; take my logs!"

She quickly but noticeably steps on the toilet's balls and he gulps deeply, swallowing a thick, big dump down like a noodle.

"Good, now more," the Goddess says, matter of fatally as her booty begins to press out another monster log for the toilet's mouth. It's clogged so it begins to mash against the toilet's face like a shit-mold of his face, it crackled deafeningly as it pressed it's gooey mess into the pores of the poor boy. It seeped in his nostrils, it filled his ears; it even pressed strongly against his eyes, trying to get in but already burning like it had.

The toilet screamed a muffled, almost smoker's scream with the logs stuck right in his esophagus. He yelled.

The Goddess, annoyed by his loudness, kicked him in the stomach and he choked up the logs from his throat.

"Don't spit that out bitch! Eat it! Chew it and swallow it, you turd!"

He did, he chewed a bit then, the unmistakable sign; he wretched then vomited on the floor.

The Goddess kicked him hard in the back of the head and he fell, face first, to the ground, into his puke. She stepped on the back of his neck and crushed the boy there as he sputtered and cawed. Then she reeled her foot back and kicked the toilet across the face.

She pivoted without stepping off the toilet under her boot and said, with a genuine smile, "Who's next?"

The toilets had smartened up, they all remained still and quiet. Obedient.

The Goddess turns to approach the class, she points towards one toilet but the toilet on the ground sputtered words, "Please...this is too cruel, can you do this to us?"

The Goddess looked down at him and he saw the burning fire of anger in her eyes; he was immediately terrified, immediately knowledgeable of his mistake.

"Right! Okay toilets! Because of this little shit face, you're all staying in detention. You!" She said, pointing to the toilet at her feet; she looked around the room, deliberately pointing on a different toilet than the one she had originally chosen, "And you; you were next right?"

She didn't wait for an answer, "Both of you! Meet me in the girls' bathroom in one minute!" She steps directly onto the insolent toilet's stomach at her feet and bends to whisper down to him, "If you disobey me, I'll shit so much down your throat that you'll explode, understand?!"

The toilet quickly nodded as the Goddess pressed down with her heel and then released the boy.

"40 seconds boys!" She said as she stormed out the door.

The classroom toilets all looked at each other, horrified; the two chosen toilets did as they were told and headed to the bathroom.

The toilet's exchanged glances in the hallway; the un-lectured one wanted to run for it but the other urged him not to, informing him of what the Goddess had said; the toilet started to shake fearfully. The other comforted him as they entered the girls' bathroom.

The pink but otherwise indistinguishable from the boys,' bathroom was relatively small with a few stalls.

The toilet's had no time to think as suddenly, as if from above, liquid sludge rained down on them and they soon found themselves slipping on the tiny-tiled floor, one hit his head with a terrible smack but turned around, seemingly unharmed, to see the Goddess hovering in the doorframe, her booty protruding out impossibly; hanging heavily over the boys.

That gave her an idea, but she'd save it for later; she already had plans for these two as she came down, feet first, crushing the boys balls underneath her mighty stiletto boot. Their collective balls nearly liquefied and turned to mush under the Goddess' heavy foot. Instinctively, their bodies scoot back, trying to free themselves but only adding to their suffering as their balls, or what's left, merely stretches away from but does not leave the Goddess' boot. She giggles at their pathetic struggling.

Wanting to comfort to the boys' while continuing to smash their nads, the Goddess leaned in close, brought her beautiful face near theirs, one covered with dried shit, "Don't worry boys, it'll all be over soon." She giggled.

Finally she released the boys' pancake balls as she walked casually over to where their gasping and panting heads rested, strained looks on their faces as the pain surged in and out of their body. Time for the painkillers.

The Goddess held her booty apart over their heads, one was about to scream before getting drowned by a poolful of slushy sludge.

Feeling somewhat merciful to the insolent toilet she had kicked in the face earlier, she focused on the other, relatively clean boy. She hovered her booty just inches above him and sharted herself clean as well as a clean landing area, on the toilet's face, for her booty to sit.

He yelled when he saw her booty coming down on him full force but his mouth was quickly smashed under big booty buns until the Goddess adjusts herself in axis with his mouth.

His mouth freed from pressure, he yelled and screamed some more before he was gargling down Goddess' liquid waste that non-verbally told him to shut his face.

The Goddess grinned an evil grin as she felt the massive, three foot log knocking at her booty door. She opened it and the log crackled out terribly and down the toilet's unsuspecting throat.

He bites down to close his mouth, not realizing he'd be bringing himself to taste the nasty waste sitting in his mouth. He starts to sob as the drippy log started to dissolve in his mouth and the remainder continues to mash casually against his face skin or into whatever hole it can find.

She gets up, off the pathetic toilet's seizuring face feeling content but not complete. She reels back her foot and kicks the spared, insolent toilet right in the penis and he whimpers and caws in profound pain as she giggles delightedly.

"Alright, both of you, back to class and wait for me to return. Send in the next two, I expect them in one minute or I'll take it out on all four of you; would you like that?" the Goddess asked hauntingly.

Struggling, the insolent toilet rose to his feet and dragged the convulsing toilet from the bathroom.

The Goddess stood near the door, eagerly awaiting her next two toilets as her booty rumbled in great anticipation. She massaged her belly, calming her pulsing anus. She turns her big booty towards the door and holds open her ass, presenting it.

The door creeks as the toilet walks in, solo; the Goddess farts loudly, a long potent blast that wafts quickly to the toilet's face.

She turns, incensed, "Where's the other little shit, toilet?"

The toilet is startled by her tone, "Uh, I...uh..."

"Spit it out!"

Quickly he uttered, "They elected me and the desk guy; he was unconscious, I didn't know what to do I was running out of time," the boy said, his speech racing and panicky.

"Hey, hey, it's okay, just relax okay. It's going to be okay. Could you go stand over there please, it's such an awful mess here."

The boy looked down at the pool of shit and various logs on the ground and then proceeded, cautiously, to the other side of the bathroom near the window.

The boy turned only to find the Goddess was already directly behind him, he was startled again when he bumped into her.

"Sorry, I..."

"It's okay sweetie," she said. She whipped her booty around and pressed it against the boy's face until it went inside. "Toilet, I'm very gassy right now; I'm sorry to do this to you but you're near the window, you'll be fine."

The Goddess grunted before dropping a sonic boom of a fart that ripped for several seconds across the toilet's face with a most potent odor that burned the hairs from the toilet's nose. His eyes watered relentlessly, irritated by the noxious gas that hovered near them; he coughed and sputtered.

"Oh, wait, almost...done....sweetie...ahhhhhhh," she finally said in great relief as she fumigated the young toilet with a silent storm of flatulence.

The toilet screamed and sniffled loudly from within her ass only to be burned once again by the potent aroma and moaning.

"You're so close to the fresh air toilet, reach for it; go ahead."

The toilet, eager to free himself anyway, leans his head back to try to sniff some of the sweet outside air coming from the window but soon his neck was tired. His head fell back to booty just as a mop bucket of semi-solid sludge came rushing at his face like terrible, dark brown rapids of pure waste coming at him with the force of a fire hydrant.

"Mmmmmm, eat it toilet," the Goddess said somewhat sensually as the toilet found himself drowning in this never ending pour of diarrhea.

The Goddess stepped forward and the toilet dropped, face first, onto the floor; she giggled and then gave him a swift kick in the ass.

"Send in the next two you little shit face!"

He weakly crawls towards the door only to be stopped by the Goddess.

"And if there's not two this time, I'm going to shrink you down and make you live in my booty, got it?!"

Scared, he nods and crawls a little faster out of the bathroom. The Goddess laughs.

The Goddess waits in one of the stalls for the toilets to come.

She hears the familiar squeak of the door, the toilet's fall still and silent as they see the state of the bathroom.

"Choose a stall toilets!" The Goddess shouts.

The door to the Goddess' stall soon opens and a toilet is standing on the other side, "Good choice!" She declares as she grabs the boy's shirt and pulls him into the stall where she is standing on the seat, squatting over the bowl. She pulls the toilet down into the bowl and drops so her booty seals the toilet's head in the bowl.

A small fart echoes throughout the bowl, "Oops, sorry, that was for the other toilet."

Casually, the Goddess ripped again and sighed. Then, she stiffened herself as she felt the wide ten inch diameter log press painfully against her expanded anus. She moans audibly, the toilet screams as the monster shit touches his face as it continues to pour out slowly over his face, entering his mouth and coiling over and over.

"Maybe I am still gassy," the Goddess says as she farts, sending toxic fart bubbles through the shit logs that rest on the toilet's shaking face; they heavy logs becoming more than he can bear. His head dunks into the toilet.

"Ohhhhh, ughhhhh...." the Goddess groans painfully as she forces smaller but equally meaty logs from her booty that quickly filled the toilet bowl making the toilet look like a dead, droopy flower hanging over the side of the pot; his head making up the root which was submerged in 'fertilizer.' The Goddess giggled excitedly at the scene before proceeding to the second stall.

The toilet there sat on the floor crying, his head near the bowl; no time for comforting, she had to unload. Booty first, she charged the young toilet and whipped his head into the bowl, dunking it briefly in the soon to be polluted water.

The Goddess grunts and groans effeminately before firing out a dozen two inch logs against the toilet's face that landed like punches as the crap forced its way up his nose, into his mouth, and where ever else it could get as this little shit whimpered endlessly.

Quickly a long, snake like log pushed its way from her anus as it started to build up on the toilet's face, higher and higher, out of the bowl and spilling over the sides as the Goddess displays a look of pure euphoria releasing this massive dump right on this pathetic toilet's face. His crying either stopped or was muted by the tons of shit that sat on his face.

She stood, contentedly, and kicked the toilet's foot; she was surprised by the veritable mountain that she had created. "Get up; get to class!"

She returns to the other stall, where the other toilet is shaking; "Hey, enough, now go back to class shit head!" She said to him.

Eventually, the toilets were able to exit the bathroom.

The Goddess, feeling a little bored with the routine, returns to her position above the door to surprise her next set of toilets; she pushes to queue up and ready a massive ten inch log from her booty, it pains her to hold it but she knows the results will be worth it.

The door squeaks open and the Goddess holds her breath before giving one finally push to launch the tree trunk wide log right at the boys' heads, knocking them to the ground. They were pinned down underneath it which was an unexpected benefit. She giggled watching the boys flail their legs in a futile attempt to escape from her solid waste that laid on top of them.

The Goddess decided to sit on her nice log and unload on the toilet's that way, having had trapped them already with ease.

She sat over one, who's head shook up and down as he tried to free himself. The Goddess deafening crackle from her booty signaled the arrival of a soft serve of sludge slowly working it's way down to the toilet's face and coiling, in front of him at first, then over his mouth, until finally it began to cover his face.

She moaned and adjusted to continue to pour out over his head as he tried desperately, frantically to shake the shit off before he became buried underneath it and forced to endure a prison made of waste. He moaned and let out panicked whimpers intermittently as the shit continued to pile up until he was completely buried.

The Goddess shuffled over on the log to the other toilet who's head droops down and rest on the floor; he is lying face up unlike his compatriot. She slowly, cautiously, hovers her boot over the toilet's balls and then quickly smashes down on them.

The toilet yelps loudly only to have a nice, dense log dropped directly into his mouth as it worms its way down his throat. He gurgles and sputters, trying to cough up the log but it's impossible as more waste rains down on his head, ensuring he doesn't breathe or smell anything but the Goddess' divine shit.

"Ooohh, ohhh, urgh...." the Goddess groans grossly before sighing in great relief as a hurricane of liquid sludge evacuates her booty like a floor gate had been opened and she was being cleared out. Of course, we know this isn't the case.

The Goddess stands and, with ease, kicks the massive log off the two boys, "There now, you're go to class and wait for me," the Goddess laughs.

The boys, weakly, rise, the shit dripping profusely off them, and leave the bathroom.

The Goddess saw the fairly large trash can in the bathroom and pulled it into the center of the room. She pulled off the cover, just a few items of trash, no big for a couple of toilets.

The door squealed to signal their arrival as the Goddess just stared them down, hard right directly in their eyes and just like that the pair had begun to feel afraid.

"Get in boys!" She demands, leaning the trash can towards them a bit.

The boys hesitantly approach and do so, their high school bodies almost not fitting together in the can but they managed to lower themselves beyond the rim and that's all that mattered as the Goddess hopped up just a little and sat over the covering of the trash can.

A slow, rippling fart allowed the Goddess to giggle evilly as she ripped a big fart right into the can and sealed it with her booty, allowing the smell no place to go other than some lowly toilet's nostrils; perhaps two.

The Goddess shakes her hair a little, adjusting to ensure the seal was tight before bellowing another loud fart right on top of the boys and forcing them to endure her potent aroma.

They scratched and clawed at the inside of the can; they even scratched and rubbed against the Goddess' booty to try to push her off but their touching really only served to massage her booty and break up the big logs she had cooking up. She moaned somewhat pleasurably as they rubbed her big booty, unknowingly, to her liking.

"Mmmm, that feels good toilets; who told you I like my booty massaged."

She 'treated' them with a nice, big, long blowout of gas that pulsed her anus out impossibly far.

"But I think...ugh...yeah, you kind of massaged out my dumps a little bit; sorry boys," the Goddess said factiously.

A slow river of shit streaming down on the boys quickly turned into a flood that poured into the can like a leak in a submarine. The boys were soon screaming as the shit rose to their chins. The Goddess giggled as their screams turned to gargles as the shit entered their mouths and they were forced to consume it.

With sighing relief, and a full can, the Goddess rose off it. The boys were no were to be seen, submerged under waste. She waited a few seconds, allowing them to marinate in crap just a bit longer before she turned the can and allowed all the contents to pour out into the bathroom, the toilets smacking against the wall riding a wave of sludge.

"I'm sure you know the drill toilets, I'll see you in a bit, okay?"

The toilets nodded, though I'm sure they have no idea why, and left the bathroom.

Once more the Goddess ascended the door frame and waited; she'd put the plan, she thought of much earlier in the day, into action right now with this final batch.

The door opened but only one toilet entered; maybe that was the end of the students. She didn't waste any more time wondering about it, she silently pushed hard to lay down a sludge slick on the ground again. The toilet immediately slipped and slided, landing directly on his face but quickly turning to face the Goddess.

"Good toilet," the Goddess said as she released her grip.

The toilet looked on in absolute horror as he watched a massive, boulder sized booty coming for his face at impossible speed.

The Goddess landed softly for her but the force to the toilet was crushing as his face jammed up and backwards near the Goddess' anus. That worked fine for her.

Casually, a big wet blast of gas blew against the toilet's face as the Goddess sharted herself clean once again, embedding the shit particles to this toilet's face.

She looked up and groaned as a mighty 5 inch wide log pressed strongly at her booty before finally breaking out and straight down the toilet's throat who immediately choked.

The Goddess couldn't care less as she just squeezed and a deep flood of liquid sludge poured into the toilets face, some entering the cracks around the log that remain wedged in his mouth. The toilet whimpered and whined as the shit drips down his throat with a terrible sensation that is unmatched. The crap burns his mucus membranes and just generally stinks.


"Mmmmm, excuse me toilet," the Goddess said giggling.

The toilet bucked and kicked and desperately tried to free himself from this stink prison but it was hopeless.

The Goddess groaned passionately and shook just a little as she launched a two inch wide cork-log into the toilet's face which was holding back a powerful geyser that would have made any oil man weep had it not been pure shit; and this toilet wept anyway, something about the smell I think. The Goddess laughed.

The Goddess stood off the toilet; she grabbed his hand and pulled him forcefully to his feet. It was humorous for her to watch the caked-shit drop from their face onto the floor.

"Get back to class now, I'll see you in a minute," the Goddess said, very reassuringly.

The toilet left. A quick look around the room, the Goddess admired her work as she too exited the bathroom.

The demolished toilets all waited in the classroom; one or two remained unconscious or dead, some wished they could join them, to end their suffering and fear.

Suddenly, a squeak is heard over head; the sunlight pours into the room from above.

"Hey toilets!" The Goddess yells down. "It's been real fun teaching you this one day but now that's come to an end."

The Goddess, without any further delay, closes the hatch in the roof with her ass and hovers her booty over the classroom. Desperately, the students run to the doors and pound on them repeatedly, endlessly, hoping to break it or get someone's attention; anything to free them from this nightmare.

A quiet moan is heard from above as a powerful stream of shit pours directly into the classroom like a waterfall. Frantically, the students run around looking for somewhere to go as the shit water quickly reaches their shoes.

A couple of toilets try stacking chairs to try to reach and break a window but, after four un-stackable chairs had been stacked, the toilet on top had a great fall right directly into the dark shit stream. The students lamented his loss as the student desperately tried to rise and get away from the stream but it held him there until he choked and sputtered enough liquid shit to die. Quickly he was buried by sludge as the room continued to fill with sludge; it was at their knees now.

Briefly, the stream stops, the students look up only to watch a magnificent twenty inch log fall and splash everyone in the room with waste. With the unloading of the log, the stream continued and quickly brought the waste to the toilet's chests.

The Goddess laughs manically as her body waste continues to pour onto these kids; soon all their heads are submerged as some try to tread sludge to survive. Most sink down and give in to their fate; realizing there'd be no way to continue on after this anyway.

The shit is almost all the way to the top of the room; no toilet heads seem visible any longer. It still felt good to release the ailing contents of Goddess' ass and so she continued until she was finished.

The hatch near the Goddess' booty finally fills to the brim; just as the Goddess turns to close the door she sees a toilet has floated up to the top of the dumps and is trying to grab hold and leave the shit-filled classroom. He reaches out for the Goddess hand; she walks over to him slowly, squats down and releases an earth-shattering thirty second fart, sharting some to clean her tired booty. The boy recoils in disgust; he begins to sink back down, lifelessly, into the sludge. The bubbles rising to surface around him as he descended back in to the thick liquid.

"Mmmmm, thanks shit face, I feel a lot better now," the Goddess said, standing there for a moment, admiring her classroom filling dump, before heading to the ladder off the roof.

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