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Torturous Breakup
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: September 7th, 2014

I open my eyes, my vision blurred at first in the harsh morning light; my head throbs like a night of heavy drinking but I know I didn't.

I'm flat on the bed. Where's my pillow?

I look behind me; my eyes widen at the sight of my pillow, now giant in size and what seems like miles away.

But how?

I stand, the bed stiff under my feet.

I hear a soft rumbling pattern; steady, constant...and getting closer...

I look to the door just in time to see, Nina, my girlfriend come in the room; she walks over to my side of the bed.

I see her looking down towards me.

"Hey!" I call out; waving my arms. "I'm down here."

I guess it worked, she bends down near me and widens her eyes as if acting like a microscope.

"Hey Joe,"

"Hey sweetie, can you...I don't; how is this even physically possible?"

Nina laughs, "Anything's possible, my sweet. See I've been meaning to talk to you about our relationship and I felt this was the best way."

What the fuck does that mean? "What do you mean, sweetheart?"

She smiles sweetly and picks me up between two fingers. Fuck, I must be the size of a micro machine...Jesus...

"Well...sweetie...I think I'm done with you, to be honest..."

What?! Like...for fucking serious?! ""

"...shhh, don't talk." She continued, "Rather than just dump you, I felt like I should leave you with something to remember me by."

Her smile melted to a grin as she cupped her hand around me.

She brings her hand around to her striped panties. Her free hand opens it up and I start to figure things out...


She giggles slightly and puts her cupped hand into her panties. And she holds me there, cupped hand, up against her butt crack; sweaty and somewhat sour smelling.


Oh...fuck that was a fart....and just like that, the smell hits me, a deep, eggy stink like rotten yokes. I cough and gag as the smell swirls and circles around the little space I now occupy.

"You enjoying that, sweetheart?!"

"Please...stop..." I manage to choke out from my sore, dry throat as I continued to breathe nothing but fart.


"Oh, sorry; I couldn't hear you over my fart, sweetheart," she chuckles to herself as she grabs me between two fingers again.

I greedily inhale oxygen while I can before...oh fuck....

She plunges me into her butt crack until I feel the moist, puckering walls of her anus. The smell here is already repulsive as I try desperately to recoil my head.

And then she pushes me a little further and I scream as I enter her butthole; half my body stuck out of her hole like a stuck Pooh Bear. And she holds me there; I try to wiggle between her fingers but it's hopeless.

Every second is agony and gagging as I smell the shit inside her body; the chute where it all passes through...

I puke.


In here, in her butt, it sounds like a wind storm, rushing past me like with putrid smell like a hot summer gust; the fart ripples around her anus which vibrates disgustingly around my stomach and lower back as it leaves her body.

I whisper hoarsely, " more..."


Another fart, thicker, deeper rumbles to Nina's butthole where you currently reside as an ineffective plug; the gassy air blowing past your horrifically in a quick blast out her anus.

I recoil my head and avoid breathing like holding back a sneeze but it's not fool proof and I still wrinkle my noise to the terrible smell.

My head spinning; I feel nauseous and ill.


My head blows back a little, my nostrils unfortunately flared, getting a full blast of eggy gas.

I feel her fingers release my body but I'm barely vision fading, blurring.

Her body moves, shifts; she grunts a little.


I hear her sigh deeply and chuckle as the great force and toxic smell of the fart launches my body from her butthole back to my bed. I roll and slide like a rag doll for several feet on the soft sheets.

When I finally land on my back, I breathe heavily and just lay there. I close my eyes.

Thank God I'm out of there, finally free and breathing oxygen again, even if my clothes, my skin all stink of sulfury farts. I gotta put it out of my head...I mean, fuck! But if I dwell on it...well, I can't, I just can't...don't think about it...just...I'll just wait until whatever she did...wears off.

Quick footsteps pounding, Nina rushes in with a big smile.

"Oh" I plead; I start to run.

She rushes over, bends her panty covered butt near me and...


The rumbling, bubbling fart almost blows me like a tornado but instead just inundates the air around my bed sheets with a rancid, eggy smell.

My eyes water, my breathing growing heavy and labored as I stumble, falling to the bed. I turn onto my back just in time for Nina's striped panty butt to sit on my body.


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I scream out as the smell forcefully flows through my nostrils and up to my brain and fills my body with a poisonous stench of human waste.

I moan and try to wiggle free but Nina's ass holds me tight, squished, and she laughs.

Tears stream down my face and my vision blurs, my throat constricting, my nostrils flaring wildly, burning and tormented by endless the toxic fumes.

My head pounds as dizziness sets in...I hold back vomit...and I pass out.

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