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Weekend at Liz's (Abandoned)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: October 2007(?)

"Hey guys...wait up!" Roger yelled to Billy and Anthony.

"Hurry up, we are gonna be late," Billy replied.

"Late for what, Billy...we are just walking home," Anthony asked.

"Yea but why waste any of this glorious weekend?"

Anthony turned around and looked at Roger, "He's got a good point, Rog."

"Yea, yea, yea, whatever," Roger replied and they walked on.

The three guys were all college class mates. They had always lived on the same street and had been lifelong friends. Everything they did, they did together and they liked it that way because they were there for each other, always. Nothing could tear them apart.

The boys were about 2 blocks from their street when Roger noticed a black van out of the corner of his eye. He was the paranoid type so he didn't want to notify the guys for fear of riling up the van's occupants. The van slowly followed them at a near distance. Roger picked up speed, hoping to lose the van. He motioned for the guys to follow his lead.
"Oh, now you're in a hurry," Billy said. Before Roger could respond, the van's engine revved and pulled in the driveway ahead of them.  They were stunned, unable to run, unable to move when suddenly the sliding doors of the van opened up and 3 figures clad from head to toe in black emerged. Roger, being in front, was grabbed and thrown in the van immediately. Billy and Anthony broke off in a run but both were captured quickly and placed in the van beside Roger. The van backed up and drove off as the three were blindfolded, gagged, and handcuffed.

After a little while of driving the van slowed to a stop. The sliding door opened and the figures led the three boys into a home and down into the basement. The door clicked locked behind them and the boys' hearts sank. What was going on, all three of them wondered. The three were placed on their knees on soft carpet and their blindfolds were removed. Roger was sobbing softly. He didn’t know what was going on but he knew that it could not be good. After their eyes adjusted to the lit room, the three of them saw three beautiful figures standing there dressed in black latex jump suits.

"Hey there!" One of them said, enthusiastically.

"Who...who are...where are we?!" Anthony demanded.

"Silly me, allow me to introduce myself. I am Lizzy. This here on my right is Adyba and over there is Tanya," Lizzy had said.

"Well why are we here?" Billy asked.

"Let me answer that one Lizzy," the one named Tanya said.

"By all means."

Tanya continued, "You boys are here because you have been chosen, you lucky dogs!"

"Cho...Cho...Chosen for what?" Roger asked as he whimpered.

"Why chosen to be our slaves. But not just any slaves fart slaves to be exact!" Interjected Adyba.

"But why?" Anthony asked.

"Why not? We have farts; we want someone to smell them. It’s a pretty simple concept," Tanya answered.

"Can't you find some fart fetishist to do that shit?" Billy asked.

"Of course we could but why waste them on someone who enjoys them when they can be used for much more...pleasurable purposes?" Lizzy replied. "But I think that is more than enough talk out of you three. Tanya. Adyba. Take your pick and get to work; I know you two are more than ready to start."

Tanya decided to pick Roger. Adyba picked Billy and Lizzy was left with Anthony which more than pleased her. The three girls and their new slaves retired to 3 different rooms as they were prepared for the worst torment they would ever experience in their lives.


Lizzy undid Anthony's handcuffs and tied him to the large bed that was in the room. Anthony laid there, his mouth gagged as Lizzy removed her latex body suit, peeling it off her body. Anthony, though fearful, had to admire her perfect body. Lizzy crawled onto the bed, rose up, and got into position, hovering her ass 2 feet above Anthony's face. She looked down to see his face, the fear in his eyes was apparent. This is just how she liked it as she smiled slightly. She looked toward the ceiling, pushing just a little to let fly a rude sounding fart. PRRRRRRRRRPPPPPTTTTT!
"Ahhhhh! So good! You smell that one?"

Anthony coughed and gagged against his gag as he smelled the noxious fumes that were emitted from the ass that hung less than 2 feet above him but he had no choice but to breathe them in. Lizzy laughed manically at his torment.

"Poor, poor fool. I should feel sorry for you..." Lizzy lowered her ass onto Anthony's face. He kicked against the weight and scent that clung to Lizzy’s perfect ass cavern but it was to no avail. "...but I don't," she said, no remorse in her tone. She leaned to the side and farted a might blow right into Anthony's face. BRRRRRRRRPP! Antony fought harder against his restraints but there was no escape. He choked under the awful smell of the fart but he had no choice but to smell it all. Just as he felt he was about to pass out Lizzy raised herself off his face and allowed him to get some oxygen. Before he could replenish his supply Lizzy lowered herself slowly again.

"No! No please...NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Anthony screamed against his gag. Lizzy did not listen however. She seated herself on his face and farted once again. PPPPPPPPTTTT! A few horrid seconds later, Anthony passed happily into unconsciousness.


Billy was led into a small room and immediately pushed, hard, onto the carpeted floor. He turned to look at his tormentor who was already right above him.

"I am going to enjoy this," Adyba said, manically.

Billy's cuffs now dug into him as he laid all his weight on his wrists. He bit his teeth into the gag at the excruciating pain. Adyba prepared herself and walked past the boy putting her back to him. She unzipped the ass region on her latex suit and sat down, encasing Billy into the suit and right up into her ass.

"Now that is quite nice don't you think?"

Billy could not reply due to the gag but it wasn't very likely that Adyba was actually looking for an answer. She shifted, forcing the poor boys face farther into her magnificent ass. Billy's pain was indescribable between the handcuffs and having a woman sitting on his head, and he knew it was about to get worse.

A few minutes past and nothing happened. Adyba adjusted a few times for comfort but other than that nothing, in fact it was absolutely silent. Then suddenly, Billy heard a churning which sounded as if it came from Adyba's stomach.

"Oh! Looks like your wait is over my little fart sniffer," she said, laughing softly. Adyba grunted and pushed out an extremely loud fart.

BRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPTTTT! The sound was horrible but that was nothing compared to the smell. Billy moaned, loudly against the gag as he caught whiff of the fart which depleted all the fresh air from the enclosed space around Adyba's ass.

"I do not smell a what are you complaining about down there boy?!" Adyba said, happily.

The lung capacity of this boy truly amazed her. Billy was amazingly good at sniffing farts, despite this being his first time ever doing it or so he led people to think since Billy kept a majority of his childhood secret. The boy's breathing ability discovery was much to his own displeasure but it really seemed to please Adyba. She released three more horrid butt bombs in rapid succession.

PRRRBTT! BTTTTTPPPP! PPPPPPPPPSSSSHSHHH! Billy's teeth dug into his gag as he was forced to take in the awful stench emanating from the ass of his sadistic captor. Amazingly Billy did it again and no scent reached Adyba's nose.

"You are an astounding boy! Let's see if you can handle this one."
Adyba farted loudly once more. It was more horrible than any of the previous ones even if they were combined. Instantly the smell wafted up to Adyba's nose and she coughed loudly at her own horrible gas.

"Why you little..." Adyba said, as she got off the boys face, "...I told you to sniff..." Adyba cut herself off as she saw the unconscious body of Billy laying there. The three bombs were clearly more than he could take and he had passed out from them. Adyba laughed at this, opening the door just a moment to air out the room. She closed it and regained her position on Billy's face.

"Aren't you in for quite a surprise when you wake up," She said as she laughed manically.


Roger and Tanya walked together down the corridor. In front of the room door, Tanya stopped, grabbed Roger's head, and pressed it against her ass just as she released a wicked fart. BRRRRRRRAAPAAAAAPPPP! Roger fought to free his head from the horrid fart but Tanya held it tight for a full 20 seconds before finally releasing it. "Man, I just could not hold it any longer." she said. Roger fell to the floor, dazed but still conscious. Tanya lifted him to his feet by his hair and continued into the room in front of them. "Come on boy, it's only the beginning." She pushed Roger into the room ahead of her. He fell to the floor but quickly recovered and backed up against the end of the low bed in the room. "What a great idea you've given me." Tanya quickly approached Roger, pushed his neck back onto the bed, and sat, hard, on his face. "Oh yes, this is very comfortable. Very comfortable indeed, I like this." Tanya rose up just a bit to unzip the ass region of her suit and sat back down on the boy's face. Though the bed was soft on the back of his head, Roger was still extremely uncomfortable having a woman sitting on his head. Then the awful smell hit him. He assumed it was from the fart she released in the hallway but he had no way of knowing for sure and he wouldn’t be worrying about that any ways. Without warning, Tanya farted two small blasts into Roger's face. BPPPTTT! PPPPTTTT! Roger fought hard to escape but it was useless as his nose took in the noxious emissions. Tanya sniffed the air a little, catching whiff of what she just created. "Man," she said, whistling, "that is one powerful stink. I guess stinky things can come in small packages." She laughed a little.

Then for a long time, nothing. Tanya sat there, on Roger's face who was having a little difficulty breathing but was alright in the current situation. The smell still hung in the air around Tanya's ass and he was forced to smell it when he needed a breath but it was bearable. Tanya decided it was time for him to go nighty, nighty so she planned her attack. "Well boy, looks like I got another one coming. Oh it comes, I can feel it." Roger stopped breathing, holding his breath and Tanya knew this, no longer feeling the boys warm breath in her ass. She waited a few moments, just to confuse him and then she pressed hard with her feet on his stomach, forcing him to expel all his air and then she did the worst fart she could cook up, one she held for a long time. Sleep well, is what Roger heard her say before... BRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAPPP!

After a minute or so of sniffing, Roger could take no more and fell unconscious. Tanya got off his face and his lifeless body fell to the floor. He was not dead, but he wished he was.

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