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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: July 12th, 2012

In my chair, my wrists are bound to the arm rests; a shadowy man wearing a trench coat easily paces in front of me.

"You've been missed," he says finally.

"I never really went anywhere."

"That's what you think; to many of us you died long ago."

"What?! Because of the scat?"

"It's an devolution of the fetish; it's separate."

"When you've written a hundred plus fart stories you can talk to me about that."

He smirks, I almost don't see it behind his pulled-up collar.

"You're so proud of your betrayal but I suppose that's not surprising, given your noted arrogance."

I stew in anger for a moment, "What do you want?"

"Nothing my friend. I actually just wanted to give you something. A celebration of old times."

"I don't believe we've had any old times together."

"This is true. And yet, we have; and what great times they were."

I look at him with a cockeyed look.

He smiles, "Don't worry, it'll come to you very quickly."

I smirk with superiority, about to ask him to end this nonsense when my head is grabbed and whipped back. Suddenly, my face is confronted with a sizable yet very perfect ass hovering just inches above me.


A hellacious explosion of gas blasted across my face with great force, causing me to choke as I horrifically watched her buns coming right down on my face; she sat on it, cutting off all my air and filling my nose with the not-so-subtle aroma of old farts fermenting by her hole. I gag repeatedly, unable to calm myself without proper oxygen.

"Man, you sure need a lot of air," the woman said, her voice just clear enough to understand from under her ass.

I feel her lean to the side just a bit. PPPPPPPPRRRRUUUUUPPPPPPPP!

She sighs as the hot gas burns my features and brings tears to my eyes like; it felt like Agent Orange in flatulence form as my skin nearly bubbled from the toxicity of the gas that hung lovingly around my head.

The mysterious man speaks again, "A few more hours of this and I'm sure you'll remember what's erotic about it. Or you'll die."


"Either way, you've been a credit to this community and we thank you for all you've done."

He laughs as I hear his footsteps quietly leave. A rumble above me soon presses against her puckered anus; it juts out and against my nose as she releases a ten second monster fart. My body convulses and I try desperately to free myself but it's hopeless; I take a forgetfully large sniff around me and feel the urge to puke as her valve opens again and endlessly pours out more toxic gas for me to terribly endure.

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