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The Little Guy: Part 6 - New Tormentor
Author: Closet Fetishist

Original Idea By: "No Name"

Written: March 27th, 2012

Based on The Little Guy: Parts 1 - 3 by No Name

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Walter noticed things at home got weird when he came home from the hospital; things were already strange but now it seemed a little more normal.

His sister Carmen was, well not overly nice to him but sisterly at least, not cruel as she had been. His mother, Rosa, treated him like her son and not some toy for her pleasure and amusement. Walter began to think his whole ordeal may have just been some crazy dream that he should maybe tell a therapist some day and have him make a snap determination about some incorrect assumption of an Oedipus complex.

Walter finally started to enjoy life, he liked going to school and actually being a friend not a seat.

At lunch time, there was a tap on his shoulder; Walter turns and is shadowed under a decent sized rack connected to a sly faced woman who looks down to meet his gaze.

"Hi," she says in an almost cheery manner.

"Hello," Walter replies timidly.

"You're Walter, right?"

"Yeah...," he half-questions as he answers.

"Carmen had informed me you were in need of some discipline so here I am."

A familiar fear ran in Walter's head; all he had convinced himself was a dream, was it real?

The woman grabs Walter's leg and spins him around to sit backwards on the large orange lunch bench; the nearby students quickly scatter to what seems like safe distances, unaware of what is to happen.

Walter can see more of the woman now; she wears tight black jeans over a large tight ass, her pink T-shirt is almost too small but it hugs all her assets, making them pop.

She turns and pulls down her jeans, in a single quick motion, giving Walter a prime view of her magnificent booty. She throws her head over her shoulder as she parts her cheeks and a powerful, lingering aroma wafts softly into Walter's face as he immediately is suddenly breathless and gagging from the poisoned air.

A sly smile appears on the woman's face as she backs up, finally resting her massive crack on Walter's face and allowing the full anus stench to take him before plunging him deep inside her ass.

Walter's head disappears inside the woman's ample buttocks and his body wiggles stiffly underneath the big-butted woman.

Her asshole aggressively pushes against Walter's nose before exploding a noxious fart straight into the boy's face and bringing him instantly to tears.

The woman laughs at Walter's heavily labored breathing as he kicks and scratches at anything in reach.

In response the woman grabs Walter's leg and yanks him out from under her as another fart ripples into his tormented face on his way out.

He gasps for air eagerly as the blood rushes to his head from being held upside down.

"You little puke!" The woman shouts as she tosses, with ease, the boy into a nearby trash can.

Walter massages his head as the trash can turns dark; the woman sitting over the can, sealing it with her massive butt.

A wet fart rings out with an unusual amount of sludgy diarrhea following it. A loud rumbling from above fires out a bucket or so of liquid shit as a small pool begins to form at the bottom of the can.

Walter is in hell as the can quickly turns to from rotting trash to putrid waste that seems to pour endlessly, impossibly from this woman's ass.

A grunt allows a massive log to form before snapping off and splashing in the shit puddle onto Walter who gagged as her inadvertently tasted a drip of the sour sludge.

A couple of dry farts made the can refreshed with a new coat of stink as Walter waited for more solid material to fall and it wouldn't be long.

A position adjust on the uncomfortable can allows the woman to unload a ton of runny diarrhea onto poor Walter. Then another load unleashed a torrent of thick, semi-solid waste that was up to the boy's chin.

Sounds of strain are heard and then a powerful spray of shit blasts against Walter's face as he gargles down human excrement.

A long push readies a gargantuan log that coils heavily on Walter's head and pushes him down under the brown mess; his exhale slowly bubbling to the surface of the tar-like crap.

Carmen pulls Walter from the toilet-trash can; he emerges sputtering, he notices night has fallen and the school is empty.

"So do you get it now?"

"Get what?"

"Get what happens when you do stupid shit."

Walter thought for only a split second, "Yes," he said, disappointedly, still unhappy with his life's plan.

Carmen drops her pants and shoves the shit-boy's head in between her ass cheeks; Walter gets a face full of his sister's familiarly gross butthole, "You're life isn't perfect..."

Carmen fires a burning-hot fart straight into Walter's nose as he tries to free himself from the awful stench.

"...but at least you have a purpose."

Walter wished she had said and meant something else as a loud fart blasts painfully against his face.

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