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Other's Stories
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Gas Inhalation by SonPeter2612

Afterlife Punishment by Okjsa

Katrine's Latrine by face4wife2sit

Helping Michele Out by Slave Fart

Mom's Substitute Slave by salhex

Erin's New Gaming Chair by 101isverycool

Extra Credit Assignment by DeepDesiresFulfilled

The Prison by TripleDe

Teacher's Cruel Punishment by RealFemdomStories

A Christmas Story by submarble

Restaurant Seat by Okjsa

Fart Eater by Okjsa

Occupied Couch by Okjsa

Step Family Femdom by Thelitoking69

Alone with Mom by Thelitoking69

Fiona's New Slave by AnUnturned

The Backrooms: Level Fart by SonPeter2612

Randy’s Rancid Road Trip by Ratt Pakk

Sold by Ratt Pakk

The Goddess' Servant by Notemania

The Curvey Closet by Garrison15

The Sorceress' Toy by Notemania

The Teacher's Walk by Notemania

Permanent Fart Slave by Unknown

Slave to a Man Hater by beatenboy

My Gassy Girlfriend by Ashtoned

Your Neighbor's Fart Torture by trappedmicroinpanties3

How I Got My New Chair by Robby

A Midnight Snack by Robby

Sleeping Mother by cosmicitycat

Family Farts by bilaman70

Skunk Mom's Office Chair by CaptainTremor

Mom's Assistant by MicroSnacko

Face-Farting Mother by PyroGR

The Cursed Writer by CrappyFappy

The Sleepover Face Fart by ReddDeviant1323

A Week at Aunty's by CrappyFappy

Cruel Step Family by CrappyFappy

Lesbian Butt Smother by ReddDeviant1323

The Sleepover Face Fart by ReddDeviant1323

Wrestling Match With His Sister by fouyaya666

Servant for a Week by fouyaya666

Fartface by fouyaya666

Ninth Day Of Training : Assessing Squat Form by fouyaya666

Dominated by Your Friend's Mom by Various WDC

Clare's Ass Sniffer by thepieisred

Apple of My Brown Eye by skeezan

Going to Work by skeezan

Pizza Delivery by Notemania

Road to Smell Dorado by AnUnturned

Gloria and the Queen of Death by Notemania

Gloria's Ghostly Gas by Notemania

Jackie's Concert by Notemania

Brittany's Mom by Notemania

A Life-Changing Decision by AnUnturned

Mother's Fart Sniffers by SellCon2762

The Farting Babysitter by Gchris5523

Audrey Anderson, the airhead aunt by Sumwe

Mom Quarantine Office Chair by Legoboost

Paying the Bills by S-Lore

A Nice Day at the Park by Notemania

Cheer Practice by Notemania

Brittany's Prom Date by Notemania

Zachary's Miserable Movie Night by Notemania

Unfortunate Encounters by Notemania

Snowstorm by Notemania

Mythological Gas by GrayVII

You Have to Smell by Voidmasterdom

Woman's Mirage by Naomi

Fart Tales: Ashoka Tano by Garrison15

Teacher Gas by popperlop

Centauress Bathing by Notemania

The Amazon Tribe's Captive by Notemania

Claire's Captive by Notemania

Stepsister's Friends by Notemania

Stepson's Punishment by Notemania

Beth's Fart Fetish by WeRweirdos

Mother's Day Special by Ravurd

His Friend's Mother by sumwe

Sadie's Secret by throwawaygsf

Seventh Hell by SittingOnYou

Cotton Hell by Vanden

Women Farting Domination: She-Hulk by Eobard

Best Friend Meets Cruel Mom by Garrsion15

From a Dream by Zivojivo

Family Reunion by Garrsion15

Mother Office Fart-Bonding Time by SellCon2762

Sledding by Eproctophile

Farted on by Fat Girls Only for 24 Hours by Eproctophile

Stuck with Brittany by Notemania

Gaming Rivals by Notemania

Locked Together by Notemania

An Unlucky Servant by Notemania

Catfished by Notemania

Flatulent Clairvoyant by Notemania

Wrong Recipient by Notemania

Adam's Stinky Mom by highfort9

The Teacher's Seat by Notemania

Teacher's Punishment by XstinkyfartboyX

Gassed Out by Farting College Girls by Anonuser697

You're Going to Learn Today by Ryan Harrington

The Art of Torture by Ryan Harrington

Stephanie McMahon's Biggest Challenge by Ryan Harrington

Stephanie McMahon's Wild Match by Ryan Harrington

Rosa's Wrath by Ryan Harrington

Payback by Ryan Harrington

Nightmare on Nick's Street by Ryan Harrington

Kim & Khloe Strike Back by Ryan Harrington

Frenemie Fun by Ryan Harrington

Chris' Sacrifice by Ryan Harrington

Bad Mistake by Ryan Harrington

Annihilation by Ryan Harrington

Best Friend's Mother's Farts by TijuanaPancake

Contest by TijuanaPancake

Hungover In Bed by TijuanaPancake

Fixation by TijuanaPancake

Asexual by TijuanaPancake

Gassy Lesbian Roommate by TijuanaPancake

Sorority by TijuanaPancake

Bedtime by TijuanaPancake

Yoga Class Gas by TijuanaPancake

Christmas by TijuanaPancake

Female 4 Way by TijuanaPancake

Overnight Camp Gas by TijuanaPancake

Prison by TijuanaPancake

My Best Friend by Ryan Harrington

Revenge Seeking Ex by Ryan Harrington

Nick's End by Ryan Harrington

Daisy by Ryan Harrington

Nicole's Ultimate Payback by Ryan Harrington

Oh Braelynn by Ryan Harrington

Heather's Expiriment by Ryan Harrington

Rosa's Mexican Food Problem by Ryan Harrington

Stephanie McMahon's Pre-Mania Surprise by Ryan Harrington

Berlin and Holly Torture Kirsten Dunst by Ryan Harrington

Eva's Smelly Revenge by Ryan Harrington

Micro and Putra by Notemania

Wrestling Practice by Notemania

A Misunderstood Lover by Notemania

An Oblivious Nurse by Notemania

Between the Roommates by Notemania

Obsession by Notemania

The Cruel Prank by Notemania

Alisha's Monday by Notemania

Nina's Clones by Notemania

Blind Date by Notemania

Revenge of an Ex by Notemania

Foggy Emissions by Lauren3222

Giganna by Notemania

Bathing with a Pixie by Notemania

Beached Mermaid by Notemania

Will's Next Day by Notemania

Wait What? by JustAnotherSeat

One Bad Night by JustAnotherSeat

Arthur's Training by JustAnotherSeat

Akane's Toilet Slave by Jason12399

Hokage's Office Toilet Slave by Jason12399

His Awful Marriage by Jason12399

The Corporate Slave by Yeetmeister1234

A Classmate's Obsession by PaleBandit

Cushionzoned by PaleBandit

Release Me You Witch by JustAnotherSeat

Caitlyn Takes a Seat by JustAnotherSeat

A Seat for Scarlet Witch by AnUnturned

A Seat for Black Widow by AnUnturned

A Fart Slave for Christmas by AnUnturned

Aqua's Goddess Gas by AnUnturned

Punished by Lady Dimitrescu by AnUnturned

The Office Ass Kisser by AnUnturned

The Summoner's Fate by Notemania

Failed Summoning by Notemania

After School Exercise by Notemania

Boss of the Gang by Notemania

Ganged Up On by Notemania

Mercedes Car Seat by thepieisred

The Gynarchy: The Bus Seat by thepieisred

Sat on by the Sitter by Notemania

To Become a Slave by Iloveskyrim1

Captured Bandit by Notemania

Stepmother Bully by Notemania

Sister's Punishment by BHM865

The Business Woman's New Job by Notemania

The Mall Elevator by Notemania

Stepsister Bully by Notemania

Changing Room Assistance by Notemania

Facial Massage by Notemania

Framed and Gassed by Voidmasterdom

Shrunken First Date by Cooldroid3000

The Stinky Car Ride by Cooldroid3000

Mom's Fart Torture by Cooldroid3000

Aaron's Mean Sis by Iloveskyrim1 (Collab with highfort9)

The Real Rumbling by FetishStories

A Teacher's Toot Toy by Owen

Touch Fluffy Tail by monsterfarts1

Victor meets Queen Sasha of Amazonia by Lapsitter88

Captured by Jasmine by thepieisred

Attack of the Skunk by Story-anon

Layovers by Story-anon

A Teacher's Torture by Owen

Sharing an Apartment by S-Lore

My Sister's Birthday Gift by S-Lore

The Erica Saga, Part 4: "Tub" by Story-anon

One in 322 by Slave Fart

A Great, Bad Experience by Slave Fart

Gassy Teacher Smothers Me by MrSleepyNotCreepyPP

Smelly Discipline by TartsandFarts

Mom's Farts by Scentsation

Strict Mom Converts Son Into Toilet by Alex Mead

Mother's Day by PandiSyth

My Sister's Slave by thepieisred

Fake Robbery by Notemania

A Business Woman's Fall by Notemania

Under the Sunbather by Notemania

Riley's Interrogation by Notemania

College Party by Notemania

A Pop Star's Cushion by Notemania

Stuck Aboard by Notemania

Stolen Trophy by Notemania

Sleepover by Notemania

Infiltration by Notemania

Robin's Awful Evening by Notemania

Trapped Agents by Notemania

Dr. Snare's Lesson by Notemania

Michelle's Workout Routine by Notemania

Will at the Office by Notemania

Will the Towel Boy by Notemania

Will's Gym Class Torture by Notemania

Will's First Day by Notemania

Sharing a Dorm by Notemania

A Morning Alone With a Gassy Maid by Notemania

Physical Education by Notemania

Elastigirl Shrinks a Villain by saturnguy

Squatter's Rights by Voidmasterdom

A Female's World by thepieisred

Workplace Discipline by Owen

Harley's Laughing Gas by AnUnturned

Do You Smell That? by Voidmasterdom

Sweaty, Stinky, Tickle Torment Fart Hyperventilation by Haley

Another Quarantine Fart Story by PyroGR

Test Subject 1546 by PyroGR

Miss B.Zyra's Dream Come True by varunji932

His Life Will Always Stink by Voidmasterdom

Runs in the Family by textingedits

One Gassy Hypnotist by iwillwriteyourstory

More Than He Bargained For by Slave Fart

Assertive Neighbour by Voidmasterdom

Smelly Stay at My Cousin's House by Anonymous

The Protector by Slave Fart

Sasha's Movie Theatre Seat by Notemania

The Brothers Serve the Sisters by Eproctophile

Fart Cars by Eproctophile

Ass-ertive Initiation by m1911power

Sauna Slave by saturnguy

New Roommate by Voidmasterdom

Third Wheel Slave by Voidmasterdom

Like Mother Like Daughters by Voidmasterdom

The Living Car Seat by Voidmasterdom

The Perfect Toilet by Dick

Guest of Honor by S-Lore

Mother's Fart Punishment by S-Lore

Gamer Chair by S-Lore

The Contract by S-Lore

Mom's Gassy Reward by S-Lore

Arcade by S-Lore

Punished by the Gods by S-Lore

Alex's Servant by S-Lore

Keeping the Job by S-Lore

Double Trouble by Fireball02

Payback Stinks by stinkyhugs

The Family Scat Slave by DaddyRyanNSFW

Mom's Seat by thepieisred

What did you EAT?! by Slave Fart

Tortured by Crazy BBW by Ryan Harrington

The Gassy Teacher by Ryan Harrington

Jealousy Is A Real Gas by Vanden

Race for Your Life 2 by Vanden

My Desire For Konstantina by LumaLuma90

Women Farting Domination: Jasmine by Eobard

Volleyball Girls by Slave Fart

School Invasion by Jimimonk

Driving My Son Crazy by Josh Sanders

Interview with a Dominatrix by Callipygia

Sleeper by Callipygia

I Paid For It by Callipygia

Advertisement for Toilet Slave (Re-Telling) by Slave Fart

The Katrina Epic by Slave Fart

Princesses of Disney World by Iloveskyrim1

Losing Control by Omanahan88

Dani as Commander by Slave Fart

Eproctophilia Support Group by Iloveskyrim1

At the Ass of Harley Quinn by Slave Fart

Owned by Hanna and Kali by FemaleWorshipper

My Lovely Hannah's Toots by FemaleWorshipper

A Good Thing Going by Slave Fart

Prision by FemaleWorshipper

Gassy Gang Initiation by FemaleWorshipper

Mom Farts! by Etilaam

Growing Into and Going Out a Toilet by Slave Fart

Lost at Sea by Slave Fart

School Slave by Fkancie

Goddess D's Giantess Story by Derrick

The Best Female COD Team Ever by Derrick

FEMpire: Underground Maleroad by Slave Fart

Secretary of Anal Labor by Slave Fart

Kenz and Taz by Slave Fart

Role Reversal by Slave Fart

Will You Be My Valentine? by Slave Fart

Monster Hunter Hunted by Vampenga

Commodified by spicecrow

Gym "Buddies" by asexual_jedi663

The Obvious Loser by Slave Fart

Thanksgiving "Stuffing" by Slave Fart

Stuck, Eh? by Sumwe

Fart Sniffing Dog by Her Ass Smeller

Summer Breeze by Voidmasterdom

Something Special (100th Story) by Slave Fart

The Secretary by snmguy

His Life Still Stinks by Voidmasterdom

Rank Demotion by Voidmasterdom

Compliments to the Chef by Voidmasterdom

Her Cinema Experience by Voidmasterdom

His New Life Stinks by Voidmasterdom

The Fart Sack by Voidmasterdom

Office Chair "Breakfast Gas" by Voidmasterdom

Office Chair "First Day" by Voidmasterdom

Siegfried The Servant by LuMo187

Nothing Like The First Time by Story-anon

Parent-Teacher Interview by femdomloverff

A Good Son by femdomloverff

New Neighbor by femdomloverff

Slave to a Fat Ass by Gambit165

World Toilet Order by snmguy

Taking Care of a Vegetable by snmguy

Spyro Game Over by Yalten Josh

Oblivious Big Sister by Yalten Josh

Gassy Roomate by davis

Anything to Get Her Back by Slave Fart

My Step-Mom Does Fart Porn by Iloveskyrim1

No One Rides for Free by textingEdits

The Big Little Sister by Iloveskyrim1

Avoiding Her Mistake by Slave Fart

Chelas Way Joins ExtremeSmotherQueenz by Stink Fart Network

Be A Man or Be A Toilet by Slave Fart

Shitty Career Choices by snmguy

This Job Stinks by snmguy

Gassed By My Aunt by GasMyFace

Women Farting Domination: Incredibles by Eobard

Trapped in a Cave by snmguy

Women Farting Domination: Emma/Rogue by Eobard

Jane's New Pet by saturnguy

Jimmy's New Death by snmguy

London by S-Lore

A Slave to My Teacher by bobdillion

Runs In The Family by ploxiet

Down Memory Lane by Slave Fart (CF Exclusive)

Jim's Harem by saturnguy (Male Dom)

Help with Homework by AmericanWonton

My Greatest Fart By SellCon2762

Lethal Weapon 69: Part 2 By Derrick

The Breakup by NotAboveTheRim

The French Takeover by Slave Fart

Panty Pet by saturnguy

She Had Her Day by AmericanWonton

The Desk Behind Daphne by ZenotoX

The Crudewitch by AmericanWonton

Waking Up With The Farts by SellCon2762

Emma and the Corven Raider by gary2112

Giantess Mealtime by Inkheart99

The College Experience by Inkheart99

Caitlyn the PT: Death of Max by 1009D3v13nt

Small World: Dine 'n Dash by bn432

Porcelain Prison by bn432

Library Woes by AmericanWonton

Drawn to Life by AmericanWonton

Motherly Assistance by AmericanWonton

Mansion of the Fart Tank by AmericanWonton

The Commensalism by AmericanWonton

Jessie's Mexican Mudslide by ZenotoX

Blinda's Berating by ZenotoX

My Giantess Teacher by Upbeatblackops

My Goddess' Meal by headlokband

Mom's Farts by chemicalvacuum

Smell It! by Oryan

After School "Hobby" by Oryan

In the Name of Science by Slave Fart

Stuck In Your Position by ZenotoX

Ass Dust by 1009D3v13nt

Mom and Sister Fart Torture by SellCon2762

Small World - Peaceful Protest by bn432

Dad's Gone by S-Lore

An Educated Request by American Wonton

The Human Resource by American Wonton

Amatuer Wrestlers by ???

Windy Beach by Buck Lee

Small Situation by weelad

Trapped by Many Sides to Me

Thieves Story by Jay

The Tenement Twain by Lash Paw

The Slumber Party by No Name

The Punishment by Wolf

The Loser by Brian

The Dominion by Smotherfan

The Delivery by Wolf

The Boss's Smelly Ass by Kandor

The Bitter Truth by ???

Sibling Rivalry by No Name

School-Girl's Sweet Revenge by Terry

Pure Fiction by No Name

Panty-Washing Night by Kandor

My First Time Being Facesat by ???

Mother and Son Fart-Bonding Time by SellCon2762

Mother and Daughter Ass Attack by Kandor

More Bark than Bite by Wolf

Little Brother by Rachel

Jennifer's Sexy Smell by ???

Home Alone by ???

Heart Broken by Shubawaba

Truth, Dare, or Promise by Fartface

The Gas Mask Style by Billyzen

Forced to Smell It by Bungholeo

Farting Women of the Amazon by Ms. Farty Pants

Fart Eat Fart by Neil Burns

Extra Credit by ???

Double Trouble by Boingaroo

Gassy Jackie by mellowmarshmallow

Date Rapist Revenge by Cactus Juggler

Chair Smother by Smotherfan

Basic Training by Wolf

Amber by Wolf

What My Wife Puts Me Through by ???

What I Witnessed by Whiifit

Well It's a Sick Fart Story by Guess Who

Two Hundred Feet Deep by willie

Total Gym Workout by No Name

Tortured by a Good Thing by ???

The Truth by No Name

The Serial Panty Killer by Boba Fart

The Ride from Hell by Kandor

The Morning After by ???

The Man of a Thousand Uses by Seabee

The Janitor by Wolf

The Hitchhiker by ???

The Cave by Breeze

Tara Misses Out by ???

Smother Wars by Baron Never More

Scott's Experience by ???

Schoolyard Trouble by Gary2112

Pleasure Stinks by weelad

Piggy Polly Ends Her Annoyer by ???

On a Cold Night by BH's Gal

My Friend Jessica by ???

My Boyfriend's Face by No Name Girl

My Son is a Sniffer by Fetish Writer

Moon Gaze Hotel by weelad

Miss Megumi by Ubiquitous101

Meeting the Mother by weelad

Me Versus the WWF by No Name

Mandy by Wolf

Major Facesitting by Shesit101

Life with Anna by ???

Landlord by Wolf

Joanne's Scent by Callipygia

Kagome of Inuyasha by ???

High School Sitting by ???

Gulliver's Torture by ???

Giantess Tara by Rune

Gassy Girlfriend by mellowmarshmallow

Gassy Affair by No Name

Gas from the Past by No Name

Fart Teamer by Jenette

Fart Mart by Kandor

Farm Girl by weelad

Eve's Enchanted Ass by Cactus Juggler

Edgar by ???

Dirty Eddie by FFSBSS

Diary of Desire by ???

Classroom Smother by Smotherfan

Chinese Food and Diet Dr. Pepper by No Name Girl

Chemistry Class by ???

Babysitter by Terry

Ass Phyxia by ???

Apartment 13 by Just A Guy

Amber's Mom by Wolf

A Small Morning by weelad

A Helpful Tool by American Wonton

Flying Home for the Holidays by American Wonton

A Christmas Story by itstimetogasup

Stinky Rimjob by Monicafitz5

Courtesy Clerk by GiveMetheGoodSucc

Gym Class Stinks by Voidmasterdom

Drive of the Giantess by AmericanWonton

Enchantment of the Giantess by AmericanWonton

Hannah and Janna: School Poopings by AmericanWonton

Hannah and Janna: Bemusement of Booties by AmericanWonton

Cattle of the Giantess by AmericanWonton

A Helping Hand and Booty by AmericanWonton

Submitting to the Bullra by AmericanWonton

Miss Dee's Bitch Boy by varunji932

Goddess Madeleine's New Worthless White Pet by varunji932

Vegas Baby by Iloveskyrim1

The Wereskunk by Iloveskyrim1

Maddy The Gassy Sister by LuMo187

A Typical Slave's Life to Giantess Veronica by giantessvero

Daphne's Discipline by ZenotoX

No Good Deed by thisasecret

Coworker's Toilet (Sarah's Toilet Again) by Slave Fart

Black Friday: Part 3 (Black Saturday) by Slave Fart

Goldilock Gas by chemicalvacuum

Wrapped Up by Oryan

On the Farm by sandufabur

A Camping Night to Remember, Under the Stars by sandufabur

Accident by sandufabur

My Fart Sniffer by Goddess Circe

The Erica Saga, Part 3: "Bathroom" by Story-anon

Cleaning Up the World by AmericanWonton

Clearing Her Out by AmericanWonton

Bumped Up by AmericanWonton

Under Arrest by AmericanWonton

Sydney Gets Double Teamed by Monicafitz5

Helpless by lovin ass